1-to-1 lessons


The following prices are based on students coming to my teaching space in Chingford mount.

Vocal tuition to develop your voice.
Private tuition is geared around the individual students needs.

Lessons can be booked on an adhoc or semi-regular basis.
Under 16s must have a responsible adult on the premises.



Please go to the relevant doodle poll below, click to show all options and please select all of the time slots that you would be able to attend. Your selections are not visible to other students and neither are theirs visible to you. Ensure that I have your contact details (at least 1 way of contacting you) - text or email me. 

The doodle poll is not a booking, it merely enables me to work out what slot to allocate to which student. I will confirm with you a lesson slot at which point it will become a booking. Once your slot is confirmed, you will need to pay in advance (see links below). Please read the Terms and conditions below before booking Thank you

Till mid April2017 http://doodle.com/poll/mme9rdetuquqs9u7

April-June 2017 http://doodle.com/poll/dwydm3ww3p549v3i


Individual 1 Hour Lessons

If, upon your first lesson, you decide to take advantage of the 6hr or 12hr multi-lesson deal, you may include your first 1hr lesson and pay the remainder of the deal price in advance of the remaining 5hrs or 11hrs of lessons. Ie, Pay £35 for the first lesson followed by £166 for the remaining 5hrs or £343 for the remaining 11hrs.

To book: Contact us to arrange a suitable time slot(s) and make payment in advance

6 Hour Multi-Lesson Deal

Pay £201. Instead of £210. Save £9
Equivalent to £33.50/hour
Must be taken within 4 months of the first lesson taken

To book: Contact us to arrange a suitable time slot(s) and make payment in advance

12 Hour Multi-Lesson Deal

Pay £378. Save £42. Instead of £420
Equivalent to £31.50/hour
Must be taken within 6 months of the first lesson taken

To book: Contact us to arrange a suitable time slot(s) and make payment in advance

Add ons

Do you need someone to nudge you to practice outside of lesson time and keep track of your progress? Email us for further details.

roup tuition

If you would like to look into group tuition, singing courses or other means in order to reduce the cost to you, please see ‘Group lessons’ or ‘Singing courses’ page or email us and we will let you know your options.

You can download the Current Amaris Arts Prospectus here

Terms and conditions

Full payment is required in advance.

Date and time of lessons are to be mutually agreed and scheduled.

If you are late for a lesson, your time slot will not be extended and the time lost is non-refundable.

Lessons cancelled by yourself with less than 48hrs notice are non-refundable.

If you do no show up without cancellation, the lesson is non-refundable.

In the unlikely event that I cancel a lesson slot, a new lesson slot will be arranged which is mutually agreed.

Lessons are non-transferrable.

All multi-lesson deal lessons must be taken within their 4 or 6 months allocation or are non-refundable.

If my availability causes the multi-lesson deal lessons to not fit within the 4 or 6 month period, an extension will be given.

Shorter or longer lesson slots (than 1hr) can be arranged if preferred when you have a multi-lesson deal.

Once you have begun using a multi-lesson deal, a refund cannot be given.



Cost of tuition depends on where (which also depends on when), how many students and whether you are paying up front.

When and where: I hold lessons at a teaching space in Chingford mount. If you can come there when I will be teaching there, or have lessons over Skype, then there is no extra cost. If I am coming to you (on another day etc) then I must add costs for my travel and time spent traveling (which is likely to be between £15-£20 depending on exactly where).

How many students: The price goes up for more students, but is then divided between them. They share the entire lesson time and do most things together, but there will be separate tasks and homework given and there is therefore more preparation and more voices to know when there are more students. 1 students at my teaching space is £35/hr. 2 students at my teaching space sharing is £40/hr (£20 each). 3 students at my teaching space sharing is £45/hr (£15 each).

Discounts: There are discounts available if you are paying for 6 or 12 hours up front. £9 will be deducted from the overall cost of 6hrs paid for upfront and £42 will be deducted from the overall cost of 12hrs paid for upfront.

Copy the following into an email and complete for me to quote you the price

Please express your availability. eg Saturdays 9am-1pm, Mondays 5pm-8pm, Fridays 9am-8pm etc:      If unable to make Saturdays, where would I come to to teach you:
Please indicate how many students:
And their ages (as this may affect what and how I teach):
Please indicate whether you will be paying up front and for how many hours of lessons:

Workplace Choirs

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Workplace Choirs


Could your workplace could do with some livening up, a boost in morale, team work or confidence? An Amaris Arts Worksplace Choir could be just the thing!

We create a positive, encouraging and supportive atmosphere where challenges are embraced and achieved by those taking part, increasing self-efficacy, and sense of being part of something bigger.

Get in CONTACT if you would like to know more about how a Workplace Choir could transform your workplace


Group training

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Prices are much lower per individual in a group than they are for private 1-to-1 lessons.

As a guide:

4 people                              £45/hr
Up to 6 people                    £60/hr
Up to 12 people                  £65/hr
Up to 20 people                  £70/hr

Travel expenses and pay for time spent traveling to your venue will also need to be in added. Please email and let us know your requirements and your budget and we can discuss your options etc.

There are discounts for multiple sessions and long running training initiatives etc, there are also discounts for registered charities.

You can download the Current Amaris Arts Prospectus here

Singing Courses

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Now taking bookings for the Singing Course starting September 2017


Group size: Maximum 20

Day & time: Monday evenings 6:15pm - 8:00pm

Dates: 15 weeks on following dates:

            18th, 25th Sept 2017. 2nd, 9th, 16th Oct 2017

            6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Nov 2017. 4th Dec 2017

            8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Jan 2018. 5th Feb 2018

            These dates observe school holidays and bank holidays


            Current course. 15 weeks on the following dates:

            6th, 13th, 20th & 27th of March 2017
            24th of April 2017
            8th, 15th, 22nd of May 2017
            5th, 12th, 19th, 26th of June 2017
            3rd, 10th, 17th July 2017
            These dates observe school holidays and bank holidays

Venue: Ithaca House, 27 Romford road, E15 4LJ

Transport: 7min walk from Stratford station (Jubilee, Central line, London
            Overground, DLR, TFL rail, Mainline) or Stratford High street (DLR) Zone 2/3

            1 min from buses 25, 86, 308
            3 mins from buses 69, 104, 108, 238, 241, 257, 262, 276, 308, 425, 473
            6 mins from buses 97, 158, 339, 388, D8

            Off of broadway, (near St Johns, the Library and Nandos) onto Romford road. It is by the first bus     stop on the left.

16 Xs 1.75hr sessions (26hrs technique tuition in a group including 1-to-1 input)

Price: Super early bird price £200 in full or 5 instalments of £42 - Available till the end of June 2017

Early bird price £210 in full of 5 instalments of £44 - Available till the end of July 2017

Normal price £230 in full or 5 monthly instalments of £48

No refunds or cancellation are available if you later change your mind or pull out of the course.

Discover How Your Voice Really Works

Explore The Freedom Of Balanced Singing

Gain Skills To Reach Your Potential

This is a thorough singing technique course designed to teach you to sing better - to sound better and feel better when you sing. It is for adults of all abilities and levels of experience (beginners to advanced). It is designed to challenge attendees as individuals whilst learning in an all-encompassing way in a friendly and supportive environment.

Extend your vocal range

Develop agility, strength & control

Deal with nerves & tension

Increase your volume & projection

Improve your pitching and tuning

Gain a better tone and overall sound

Performance & microphone techniques

Develop your vocal expression

Learn how to make a song yours

Discover how your voice works

Find out how to take care of your voice

Explore how to sound at your best

And more....

You can download the Amaris Arts Spring 2017 Prospectus here

The course includes:  26hrs group technique tuition. Folder of course materials. Vocal exercise CD. Scheme of work, activities, exercises, tasks and progress tracking. Quick start guide and other learning resources. Certificate of completion.

This isn't a music theory, ear-training, harmony or songwriting course, although some elements of these will be taught within the course. This course is not genre/style specific nor based on songs as the material. Your voice is the material being worked on and my job is to get you singing at your best whatever you sing. We do look at aspects of singing technique re genres and styles within the course, but the course is not about teaching you to sing specific songs or in specific styles. Come with what ever style(s) you sing. 

There are no musical or academic requirements in order to go on the course, but a good level of spoken and aural English will be necessary in order to understand the teaching and materials.

Soul Choir takes place straight after Singing Course sessions. A lifetime 20% discount on the price of Soul Choir is available to those who go on and complete the Singing Course. Therefore, upon booking both the Course and Soul Choir you will receive a 20% discount on Soul Choir.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to book

Please copy and paste the following registration form and complete with your details in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I will then send you information on how to pay. Your booking will not be confirmed until your payment has been arranged. The prices increase each month or few weeks leading up to the start of the course. It is recommended that you arrange payment early to avoid disappointment.


Registration Form and Payment Plan

Please ensure that you complete all sections that apply

First name:                 
Last name:
Preferred first name (if different):
Date of birth:

Email address:
Mobile to text:
Phone to call:

General information (sent in advance) will be emailed to you
Urgent information (any last minute changes) will be texted

For the purpose of our awareness, please indicate if you have any of the following health problems. Please state ‘yes’ next to it and give further information if necessary

Heart problems:
Epilepsy (or other condition that could cause fits or black outs:
Asthma, breathing/chest problems:
Back, shoulder, neck problems:
Ear, nose or throat problems:

Name of 1st person to contact in an emergency:
Their contact number in an emergency:

Name of 2nd person to contact in an emergency:
Their contact number in an emergency:

Their name (if applicable):

Once you have completed all payments for the course there will be a £10 voucher available in their name for them to use for any Amaris Arts training/activit/resource

The code:

Please state ‘yes’ next to the way you are going to pay

Super early bird (by end of June): £200 in full or 5 instalments of £42

Early bird price (by end of July): £210 in full or 5 instalments of £44

Price: £230 in full or 5 monthly instalments of £48

If paying in instalments you will need to complete a separate agreement stating your legal commitment to complete the instalments as arranged.

You can pay here if you are looking to pay in full at the normal price


Please type ‘yes’ next to the way you are going to pay

Half term (5 weeks):

Term (10 weeks) in full:
By 3 monthly instalments:

Semester (15 weeks.) in full:
By 5 monthly instalment:s:

Year (30 weeks) in full:
By 10 monthly instalments:
By 5 monthly instalments:

If you require a different start date than the beginning of the next half term, please state the date of the session which you would like to start:


For Soul Choir only, there are discounts available to the following groups of people. Those whom have completed an Amaris Arts Singing Course receive a 20% discount for Soul Choir for life. Over 60s OR those whom are unemployed can receive a 10% discount (ID/proof will be required on first attendance). Those whom are existing INUF members (you will need to have given your name for Soul Choir to Ithaca house in advance). Former members of the Trust In Harmony choir.

Please state ‘yes’ next to anything applicable to you
I am over 60:
I am unemployed:
I have completed an Amaris Arts Singing Course:
I am an existing member of INUF:
I was a former member of the Trust In Harmony choir:


Your booking is not confirmed until payment is arranged (either paid in full or automated instalments set up) and a completed copy of the payment contract has been received from you. 


Details on how to pay should be sent to you within 48hrs. If you do not recieve an email within 48hrs of sending your registration form, please text Mandy: 07793861116. Thank you

If you would like to host a singing course in your workplace/church/community centre or even just amongst friends, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions





Q. How do I book for courses, workshops or for 1-2-1 tuition?


A.  Currently we have not got any courses or workshops scheduled to be held at our own venue. Please email to register your interest in being kept informed or to enquire about hosting a singing course at your workplace/church/community centre or amongst friends etc


For 1-to-1 or group lessons at our venue or yours, please contact us for possible dates and times that would work for you and us. Please see terms and conditions on the 1-to-1 lesson page.





Q. How much are 1-to-1 lessons?


A.  1-2-1 lessons are £35/hr until 31st August 2014 and there are multi-lesson deals which will save you up to £60. 





Q. Do you teach children


A. Yes, but there are restrictions. All children and young people up to 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the premises or have the personal consent of the tutor otherwise. No children younger than 8.





Sorry. Our office/teaching space is not wheelchair accessible.




Terms and conditions



Paid for bookings, reservations and passes are non-transferable, they are for the named person only.


Young people

Participating 8-17year old young people are allowed as long as they have an adult whom is responsible for them on the premises. Non-participating young people are not allowed to attend activities.  


Entry refusal

Amaris Arts reserves the right to refuse entry or to request that a participant leaves if they are deemed a danger to others or is causing a notable disruption.



We regret that accessibility is limited due to stairs up to the venue.


Health problems

It is the participants responsibility to ensure that the session facilitator knows about any health problems.


Unable to make all weeks of a course

On the first day of the course there will be a form for you to make known any weeks that you will not be able to attend the course, you will be permitted to attend the same session at another time when you are able, either during a future course or Workshop Day etc.


Cancellations by you for Workshops and Soul Choir

You may cancel up to 24hrs before the session to receive a refund. There after, no money will be refunded.


Cancellations by you for 1-2-1 tuition

You may cancel up to 48hrs before the 1-2-1 tuition to receive a refund. There after, no money will be refunded.


Cancellations by Amaris Arts for Workshops and Workshop days

If Amaris Arts cancels the activity up to 24hrs before, you will be notified and receive a refund if you have already paid. If, in an emergency, Amaris Arts cancels within 24hrs of the activity, you will be notified, refunded and given a free single session pass for a Workshop.


Cancellations by Amaris Arts for 1-2-1 tuition

For participants whom have paid online, if Amaris Arts cancels the lesson up to 24hrs before, you will be notified and receive a refund. If, in an emergency, Amaris Arts cancels within 24hrs of the activity, you will be notified, refunded and given a voucher for a half price 1-2-1 tuition session.


Cancellations by Amaris Arts for Course sessions

Everything possible would always be done to ensure that the course continues no matter what but if there is no option other than for Amaris Arts to cancel, you will be notified, a replacement session will be arranged along with the option to attend the same session(s) of the course(s) another time as is convenient for you. 


Severe London weather warnings

In the event of severe weather warnings where travel is to be avoided unless absolutely necessary, sessions and lessons will be automatically cancelled and replacement sessions arranged. If this is not possible, monies will be refunded. In such cases, please do some practicing at home and maybe email or Facebook and let us know what you practiced. :-)


Lost stolen items

Amaris Arts holds no responsibility for any items lost on the premises. Please ensure that you keep your belongings with you at all times.


Items not allowed

No alcohol, tobacco or any dangerous items (including lighters or sharp implements) are allowed on the premises. We would ask that if you do have anything on you of this nature that it be left at the registration desk, where you may collect it afterwards. Any medications you may have must be kept on your person or in your bag at all times. 


Amaris Arts golden rule

Help create a beautiful atmosphere for all to enjoy!


Amaris Arts Aims

We hope that the session will be Practical. Inspiring. Encouraging. Thought-provoking. Informative.


It is of course up to you, but we feel that it would be to your advantage if you choose to make the best use of the session and step out! :-)



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