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Amaris Arts Bi-monthly Newsletter

Nov-Dec 2018




- The Singing Course will now consist of fewer sessions, more spread out and with more materials, which can all be paid for on a pay as you go basis (book in advance to avoid higher on the door rates & disappointment).
- The first session doubles as an open workshop (Sound & Feel Better When You Sing) which anyone can attend.
- In addition, there will be top up workshops (also open to anyone to attend) which will be introduced throughout the year alongside the Singing Course sessions (Pitching & Ear training. Rhythm & Timing. Harmony & Theory. Confidence, Relaxation & Dealing with nerves. Improvisation).

A copy of the Quick Start Guide to Using Your Voice is also included

- Practical and informative Vocal Workshop for 1hr&45mins.
- Open to anyone to attend.
- Price £15.00 in advance (£20 on the day).
Those whom are current Soul Choir members or whom have previously attended the Singing Course should book directly through Mandy for best price.

The first Singing Course text book is in the pipeline. If you are looking to book onto the Singing Course you will need to purchase and go through this book thoroughly before attending the second session (starting from Jan 2019).

- Upcoming dates 12th, 19th & 26th Nov, and 3rd Dec  2018 6:15-8:00pm Ithaca House, Stratford

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Soul Choir takes place most term time Monday evenings 8:15pm till 9:30pm at Ithaca house, Stratford, East London. This half term dates are 12th, 19th & 26th Nov and 3rd & 10th Dec 2018

It is a fun, friendly and supportive choir of lovely people singing meaningful, soulful songs in harmony.

You can join/start anytime. A years subscription gives the best rate. Instalment options and some discounts and concessions are available.

Subscriptions will now consist of one year or half year subscriptions. 1 years starts at the equivalent to £3.50/session, plus some concessions are available
One Free taster session is available to new people ANY TIME.
There after visiting members will pay a £10 cash flat rate on the night with their 5th visit free (via stamps collected on loyalty card).

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An evening to meet other singers and to discuss and share experiences, ideas, tips etc.

THEME: How do we define ourselves as singers
How do you describe yourself singing wise and why? - Range, genre, involvement/activity, interest, experience. Are you apprehensive to call yourself a singer? If so, why? Do other people try to define you. Do you define yourself differently depending on the circumstance or who you are speaking with?

Dates for your diary: 6:15-8:00pm 4th February 2019 & 3rd June 2019.

This is a FREE event, contributions appreciated. No need to book, just turn up/pop in etc. Please invite others, spread the word. The more the merrier.

There will be some simple, general rules set out beforehand and by attending you will be agreeing to be photographed/filmed at the Forum

Invite others.




Private tuition is geared around the individual students needs.

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Singing training for community groups, worship teams, workplaces etc. Prices are much lower per individual in a group than they are for private 1-to-1 lessons.

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 We are hoping to bring it back the Songwriters Sharecase in the near future. Let us know if you would be interested in sharing/performing your original songs in front of a lovely, friendly and supportive, chilled out audience.

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When someone makes a first booking/purchase with Amaris Arts and says that they heard about Amaris Arts through you (gives your name or your ID code) you will both receive £1 credit.

You can redeem this credit when you book on any vocal training activity or renew your Soul Choir membership.

I will text those of you whom have attended or do attend activities with your ID code so that you do not have to give your name when posting publicly on social media etc in order to benefit.



See prospectus:

To make an enquiry or booking please text Mandy on 07793 861116. Thank you



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Look out for the next Newsletter in early January 2019


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